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A note to all visitors: The following are just examples of the types of projects and activity La Lutta NMC undertakes. We are currently working on and developing many different, new and challenging projects with individuals and groups throughout the world

DISPATCH is La Lutta NMC's on-line reporting journal covering news ignored by the mainstream and not-so mainstream press. Dispatch will provide the latest information on areas of interest ranging from media activism to social justice issues to underground cultural events. Operating since June 2001, Dispatch has received over 1.5 million visits.

A series of multimedia events sponsored by La Lutta and in collaboration with community-based organizations including AK Press, 4Front, The Brooklyn Rail, Distorted Visceral Image, Women in the Director's Chair, X-Girl P5D Productions, and a host of other organizations too long to list here. These events will include film festivals and revivals, musical performances and much more. La Lutta NMC considers all its activity as vital to movement building. As a result, This Is A Movement covers a wide range of our alternative, independent media activity and creative outreach. This includes organizes a series of conferences and community events focusing on new media strategies for grassroots, creative people, activists and social justice organizations. On march 28th, 2003, we hosted a special This Is A Movement event dedicated to free speech. The event featured many entertainers and spotlighted The Last Poets.

La Lutta's unique approach to providing new media technology support to community groups, organizers, creative-activists, non-profits and others. To learn more about this program and how we can help you, please contact us at or 212-964-7200.

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For over seven years, La Lutta NMC' Society Through The Reality Glass Productions has worked tirelessly to support independent video and film production. To date we have supported the work over 150 filmmakers/videographers/video-activists and currently we have eight filmmakers producing work under the La Lutta NMC umbrella.

La Lutta NMC's Antonino D'Ambrosio, a video activist, writer and musician, serves as Film Programmer at the Brecht Forum. There he helps organize an annual film festival called Visual Liberation and quarterly new filmmakers series called Trail of Tears. We are always seeking film/video/media submissions from new, emerging creative artists and activists. Please send all submissions to:

La Lutta NMC
Attn: Antonino D'Ambrosio
122 W27th St.
10th Floor
New York, NY 10011

Current film and video projects include:

The Treatment Court Story.Just completed. First in a documentaries series on alternative to incarceration. The Treatment Court Story (15 mins): Produced by La Lutta NMC, Directed by Antonino D'Ambrosio

Desparacedios. in Pre-Production. La Lutta NMC Producer, Antonino D'Ambrosio Director

The Desperate Ones. In Pre-Production. Directed by Dennis Leroy Moore, Produced by La Lutta NMC, Starring Dennis Leory Moore, Antonino D'Ambrosio. Please check out Dennis Leroy Moore's directorial debut, As An Act of Protest

Machetero. In Post-Production. Directed by Vagabond, Produced by La Lutta NMC, Starring Not4Prophet, Issac de Bangole.

Other film projects include:

The Health of Nations:Working in collaboration with public health advocate Mark Nowak, this film will examine the crisis facing the uninsured in New York City. The documentary will build upon the work of the Commission on the Public's Health System, incorporating the CPHS publication United Hospital Fund.

Music as a Social Movement:A four part documentary series capturing the progressive voices of the punk rock, hip-hop and jazz music scenes. This project has grown out a series of interviews with Joe Strummer, Talib Kweli, Chuck D and other musicians. Look for Antonino D'Ambrosio article featuring an interview with the late Joe Strummer in the June 2003 issue of Monthly Review. Antonino has also just finished a lecture series at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts on Punk Rock as a Social Movement. In the June he will begin a class on Punk Rock and Political Pop Culture at the Brecht Forum.

Il sangue del popolo: A documentary series focusing on some of Italy's greatest social justice and cultural voices; Camillo Berneri, Giacomo Matteoti, Antonio Gramsci, Primo Levi, Carlo Levi, and Italo Calvino.

Sandy Brown: The Destruction of a Community

21st Century Warehouse: An examination of the US criminal justice system based on Christian Parenti's book Lockdown America: Police and Prisons in the Age of Crisis.

New Media, Old Result:An examination of the widening technological gap focusing on the intentional exclusion of the poor, people of color and other marginalized groups to democratic technology access.

'Once There Was A Village' Documentary

**Please note: We are full production studio and provide production services including equipment rental. If you are looking to produced a film or video for fundraising, outreach, etc. Please contact Antonino D'Ambrosio at

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Active Knowledge Program/Creative-Activist-In-Residence Program
La Lutta NMC organizes a comprehensive education program in collaboration with many community groups, young people, and activists. The aim of this program is to provide information and media access to those excluded and locked out of the process and promote sustained, progressive social change. La Lutta NMC welcomes all who wish to develop and implement education programs, projects and activities that look beyond empowerment to action.

Currently, we are working in partnership with the Lower East Tenenment Museum's Youth-Digital Arts-In-Residence program in an effort to develop a Internship Available Now!education multimedia intiative addressing the impact of immigration on New York City. This is part of our Creative-Activist-In-Residence/Active Knowledge Youth Outreach Education programs.

A youth outreach program designed to expose creative young people to community activism. CAIR is a six month residency. La Lutta accepts 2 young people per residency. Coupled with this CAIR, La Lutta NMC administers a youth program called the Active Knowledge Technology (ACT), which offers skills building and support for youth interested in utilizing new media, arts and activism.

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La Lutta NMC works closely with various performing artists including The Last Poets, The Blacklist, Larry Bogad, Kid Lucky, Ricanstruction, Dennis Leroy Moore, Liza Castro, Cinque and a host of writers, poets, spoken word artists, filmmakers, musicians, actors and experimental artists to long to list here. We support the self-expression and activity neccessary for true democracy to take hold..
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Financial contributions and in-kind donations
are greatly needed and fully tax deductible.

Please contact Antonino D'Ambrosio or Kevin Ryan about donating and contributing to La Lutta NMC.

Please e-mail us with any questions
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