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Let Fury Have the Hour

Antonino D'Ambrosio's In the Land of Bolivar (quicktime file).

Please listen to Antonino's reporting for Air America on The Thom Hartmann Show.

La Lutta NMC Archives: Audible Resistance
Daniel Boudreau's "Audible Resistance," produced in Bowling Green, OH. Daniel aired on East Village Radio's "Politics in the Drum." Shows include Howard Zinn, Thomas Frank, Mr. Lif and more. Listen!

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La Lutta NMC is the fiscal sponsor for the Rocinha Media School and Green Favela, projects developed by longstanding La Lutta NMC member and independent artist Lea Rekow

Rocinha Media School (RMS) was established as a venue for the pursuit of cultural practices that foster ideas and collaborations in electronic media, with a focus on the intersection between music, performance, technology, and culture. RMS supports the creation and presentation of digital media projects achieved through the use of affordable new, evolving, and industry standard technologies.

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Green my Favela (GMF) is an social and environmental urban remediation project primarily located in the Rocinha favela (informal settlement or slum community) of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Based in the spirit of participatory co-production and knowledge exchange, GMF creates sustainable green spaces inside Rio's favelas. Please donate if you can.

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