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Since 1997, La Lutta has provided assistance to more than 3,000 non-profit's, grassroots groups and individual artists and activists. La Lutta’s community-outreach database contains more than 70,000 members. Performing and visual arts events and community outreach activities organized by La Lutta have served about 50,000 audience members. Since 2001, the organization has screened at least 60 films by independent filmmakers and activists worldwide. Each year, the organization has offered internships for four to six youths, ages 14 to 18.

In nearly a decade of work, La Lutta NMC has created independent, cultural-activist based media. We have everywhere in the United States as well as Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. La Lutta NMC advances the concept of do-it-yourself in hopes of reaching others and building a new community based in justice, democracy, and cultural understanding.

La Lutta NMC has not wavered in our commitment to creating media for and by the people but we face a troubling time. La Lutta NMC needs to raise $50,000 to ensure that the organization can continue our work. Not only will these funds help to continue our important community-based media/production program activity and help to complete our current documentary film projects it will help us find a new home as we lost our lease and our community production studio is now homeless.

The following portfolio is only but a small sampling of our work, which we have created solely with fund from our two founding members, a few small grants and the generosity of a handful individuals. Now, La Lutta NMC can no longer continue without broad-base financial support. We encourage you all to give whatever you can to help us raise the necessary funds. And please ask everyone you know to give.

La Lutta NMC, our members, board, partners and satellite groups thank you for your support!

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