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La Lutta NMC brings together individuals and groups that combine a high level of expertise in many alternative, independent media areas with a commitment to human rights. La Lutta NMC is a cultural and community organization who believes that social justice issues are not individual, fragmented or disconnected. They are all connected in some way as we are connected. As a result, our program and project activity is rooted in the struggle for human rights and the expressions and actions involved thereof. The following is useful in giving all those interested in working with La Lutta NMC a sense of how we organize our media activity and cultural creativity.

Please note: The following is not a complete list of all that we do or can do for your or your organization. We have the resources, the community partnerships and the will do much more than can be listed here. So, please contact us at via email at

La Lutta NMC recognizes the importance and influence that visual media has on translating an organizations or individuals mission or message to a wider audience. Through the use of new media formats like digital video, film and photography La Lutta can develop informational videos, fundraising materials, documentaries, independent film, photo-journals, on-line videos and other companion materials.

Currently, Antonino D'Ambrosio of La Lutta NMC serves as Film Programmer at the Brecht Forum and is co-host of radio show on WBAI focusing on independent film. In partnerhsip with the Brecht Forum and the Institute for Mass Communications La Lutta NMC hosts a series of film festivals including the Visual Liberation Film/Talk Festival from Huly through September and the Trail of Tears New Filmmakers Festival from October through January.

We are always searching for new, creative and progressive film, video and visual arts work. We accept submissions year round as we also host screenings at Hunter College, New York Uinversity, Long Island University, Pace University and other social insititutions. Please send all submissions to the following:

La Lutta NMC
Attn: Antonino D'Ambrosio
122 W27th. Street
10th Floor
New York, NY 10001

La Lutta NMC is provides new media technical assistance through its web site, which we view as a clearinghouse for all new media information. We also provide technical assistance in independent web development, graphic arts, information system development, client-server technical support, programming, application roll-out.

La Lutta NMC works with and provides technical support to those who work in spoken word, independent music (including on-line music production), community theater. We produce, host, organize, promote and set-off a wide-range of performing arts events.

La Lutta NMC is proud to welcome Larry Bogad, who will lead our community-based performing arts program. Larry has over 15 years experience in guerilla, community and street performing arts. Routledge Press is currently publishing his book, Electoral Guerilla Theatre. He has written and directed a number of political theatre plays including Eradi-Redaction, Haymarket, Making the System Work, and Lunarchy. A veteran of street theatre, Larry is currently a member of Reclaim the Streets and will begin teaching Radical Theatre at the University of Birmingham this Fall.

La Lutta, through a network of partnerships, develops and organizes a host of workshops including web shops, production seminars, and new media forums. We also produce technical assistance materials, companion on-line resource guides, develop links with technical assistance partners, and assist in creating new media tools specifically for your organization.

Currently, we are working in partnership with the Lower East Tenenment Museum's Youth-Digital Arts-In-Residence program in an effort to develop a Internship Available Now!education multimedia intiative addressing the impact of immigration on New York City. This is part of our Creative-Activist-In-Residence/Active Knowledge Youth Outreach Education programs.

Financial contributions and in-kind donations
are greatly needed and fully tax deductible.

La Lutta NMC
122 W27th St.
10th Floor
New York, NY 10001

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